Understanding Music Theory

3 Tips For Memorizing LDS Sheet Music

Part of learning to play the piano is memorizing the music. Memorizing LDS hymns is not only a way to ensure that you are always ready to play, but it can help to strengthen your faith. Whenever a test or challenge presents itself, you can call on your memory to provide you with the words […]

Musical Instruments That Are Ideal For Beginners

Playing a musical instrument is something that appeals to people of all ages. No matter what your musical background may be, your love for music might be inherent. If you are looking to find a musical instrument that you can purchase at a local music store and master, you might have more options available than […]

Be Smart When You Prepare For Your Next Music Festival

The parents of the current generation probably know a thing or two about enjoying an outdoor music festival, and they’ve also probably learned some hard lessons in the process. So learn from their mistakes! If you’re planning a trip to any major music event, especially one that’s planned for several days at an outdoor venue […]