3 Tips For Memorizing LDS Sheet Music

Part of learning to play the piano is memorizing the music. Memorizing LDS hymns is not only a way to ensure that you are always ready to play, but it can help to strengthen your faith. Whenever a test or challenge presents itself, you can call on your memory to provide you with the words to weather the storm. If memorizing music is tricky for you, here are some tips to make it easier. 

Place Sheet Music in Various Places

Part of memorizing the music is ensuring the sheet music is readily available when you want to spend time studying it. Fortunately for you, sheet music can be reprinted and placed in various locations in your home, car, work area, and any other locations in which you spend a significant amount of time.  

You can even place the sheet music of a hymn you are learning in your bathroom to study while showering. Place the sheet inside a plastic baggie and affix it to the shower caddy or front of the shower. Remember, the more time spent studying the music, the easier it will be to memorize it.  

Set a Goal and Stick to It

One of the mistakes that some budding pianists make is failing to commit to learning the hymns. As a result, they are often inconsistent in learning the music. By setting a goal, you can make a mental commitment to learning the music. 

The goal does not have to be overly ambitious. You can commit to learning a song a month. Whatever your goal, carve out time daily to study the music. Even if you can only commit a few minutes, it can be worth it. 

Focus on Repetition

Repetition is important in learning most things, especially music. In this instance, break the music into several parts. Instead of attempting to study an entire hymn in one sitting, focus on one section. 

Review and play the section repeatedly. As you replay the music, your mind will start to commit it to memory. As you become familiar with one section, add another. It is important to take your time. Do not add a new section until you are sure you have fully committed the first section to memory.

Learning the sheet music can take time, but the effort is worth it. The words and music can not only help with ministering to others, but also provide spiritual support to you. Keep these tips in mind next time you go to buy LDS sheet music.