How Music Publishing Companies Are Valuable To An Artist's Future

Most singers are concerned with securing their first recording deal with a major record label. On the other hand, singers should also see the importance in forming or obtaining a full service music publishing company, like Lyric House Publishing. It is important to understand that record labels and publishing companies do entirely different jobs for an artist. A music publisher makes sure songwriters are compensated when their music is used commercially. Read on to find out how publishing companies are valuable to an artist's future.

Collects Royalties

Collecting royalties are one of the main jobs of a publishing company. They are collected when an artist's song is recorded, performed, or played for another person's commercial gain. An artist has to sign an agreement before the company can collect royalties. This agreement grants the company one of the following rights:

  • Partial copyright to the songs
  • Copyright to the songs
  • Percentage of revenue earned from using the artist's song

After you grant the company one of these rights, they are obligated to seek opportunities on your behalf for the licensing use of your songs. The publishing company usually gets 50 percent of the share of royalties. At the end of contract agreement, the rights are reverted back to the artist.

Promote The Artist

Music publishers promote their artist's songs and help attract attention to their work. The songs are promoted to television and movie producers, record labels and anybody else that is in the market for a certain sound. If someone wants to use the songs, then they have to use a license. The different types of licenses include:

  • Reproduction license in digital and physical form
  • Public performance license
  • Synchronization license for use in commercials, television and movies
  • Folio licenses for music in written form

Understand What A Music Publishing Company Does

It helps to understand that publishing companies do not help with the recording of an artist's songs. Artists who get representation from a publishing company are self-financed or have backing from a record label. Publishing is also an opportunity that independent artists should pursue. It helps independent artists get more people interested in their music.

The main job of a publishing company is to find multiple income streams for their artist's music. This results in more royalties for the artist and more commission fees for the company. Publishing companies are beneficial to an artist's brand. You can make money off of royalties for years to come.