Three Thoughtful Ways To Help A Family Member Who Has Lost A Pet

When a friend or family member has lost a beloved pet, you may not be sure how to make them feel better. Nothing you say can bring the pet back, and, sometimes, you may make matters worse with your words, even though you mean well. Here are three thoughtful ways to help your loved one deal with the grief of losing their pet.

Give them the gift of music.

Music has the ability to alter moods. The right music can help soothe your loved one's aching soul, lift their spirits, and get them past their grief. Look for collections of peace of mind music on CD. Songs with lyrics about grieving, moving on, and the beauty of a life well lived are all good choices. You can also look for quiet, soothing instrumental music. Playing it in the background can help your loved one get through this tough time. Wrap the CD up with a bow, and put a little note that says "To bring you peace in this tough time" on the cover.

Books about pets and their humans.

At this time of loss, reading stories about other pet owners and their relationships with their animals can help your loved one feel less alone. There are books that contain collections of short stories about pets, which may be a good choice since your loved one can read one at a time before bed. Uplifting tales are good, but don't avoid buying books where the pet dies. Reading about others' experiences with similar loss will give your loved one something to relate to. Package a few books up in a gift basket, and maybe include some hot chocolate and mugs for good measure.

Jewelry with the lost pet's name.

If your loved one wears jewelry, consider having a necklace or bracelet engraved with the pet's name. You can even have the name put on the back of the bracelet where others cannot see it, but your loved one can. Look for jewelry that resembles your pet. For instance, if your loved one lost a cat, give them a necklace with a cat charm. They'll feel comfort knowing that they'll be reminded of their beloved pet each time they wear the jewelry.

Healing from the loss of a pet will take your loved one some time. Be patient with them, understand that they're upset, and listen when they want to talk. Giving one of the gifts above is a nice gesture that they're sure to appreciate.