What to Look for in a Vintage Guitar

You love to play music and prefer to use classic, vintage instruments for your personal or professional music-playing performance. There's something about the design and architecture of older guitars, like a vintage 1956 Gretsch Rancher guitar, that makes your music crisper. You also like to collect classic instruments for your own personal collection.

Finding older instruments that are in great condition and still playable without needing a lot of repairs can be hard. You want to select guitars and other instruments that can be played with little work needed while still being affordable. When shopping for vintage guitars in particular, you can scour auctions, websites, and pawn shops and look for personal collectors to locate beautiful instruments worth your time and attention.

To make your musical shopping experience easier, use this guide to help you know what to look for in a vintage guitar. This way, you'll be more likely to select a musical instrument that's of great quality, and if you come up with many options, you'll be able to know which one is right for you. Take any research findings you have with you when you shop for a vintage instrument to use in negotiating prices and validating the authenticity of guitars you are interested in.

When you get your vintage guitar, have any repairs made by a specialist who works on repairing guitars in particular. Once repairs have been made, you can enjoy your new instrument for years to come.

Wear and age

Naturally, any classic and vintage guitar will show some signs of wear and age. This isn't a bad thing, but you want to watch out for instruments that have been left in the open sun and air, as humidity, dry sunlight, and even dust can affect the wooden structure of a guitar. A guitar that is bending, warped, cracked, or has massive discoloration could be weather-damaged and may be too costly to repair if you buy.

Seek a guitar that has been stored in a guitar case and kept in a cool, dry place. Even if some of the strings are worn and the guitar could use some shining, the instrument is still in good condition as long as it's been properly stored.

Playable qualities and price

Always ask to play a vintage guitar before discussing price. If the guitar sounds tinny or weak, repairs will need to be made to make the sound bold and beautiful again. A guitar's price should reflect the actual quality.