Does Your Daughter Want To Play The Acoustic Guitar?

Has your daughter been begging for acoustic guitar lessons? Maybe her current boyfriend is in a band and she wants to be part of the fun. Or, maybe she attended a concert and she realized that the drummer seemed to be having the most fun of all of the players on the stage. Whatever reason that your daughter is interested in playing the acoustic guitar, from arranging for lessons to buying her own guitar, here are some ideas that might help.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Even before you sign your daughter up for acoustic guitar lessons, make sure that she's serious about wanting to commit herself to that endeavor. Although guitar lessons won't break the bank, they will more than likely still be a significant expense to add to your budget. Is your daughter willing to help pay for lessons? Does she even have time in her busy schedule to practice?

Have you had the fun of listening to your daughter play on somebody else's acoustic guitar? If so, do you see potential in her being at least somewhat good at other instrument? Think of taking your daughter with you when you talk to the potential guitar lesson instructor. Ask him or her to explain what will be expected of your daughter between lessons. The instructor will probably tell your daughter that while it's fun to dream about being a great guitarist, those people paid the price by practicing a great deal.

Think of establishing a schedule of when your daughter will practice. For example, practicing for an hour once a week is probably not as beneficial as practicing for twenty or thirty minutes five times a week. Ask her to write down what she feels would be a fair schedule. She'll probably do better if she feels that she's in control.

Her Own Acoustic Guitar

Remember that your daughter doesn't have to have an expensive instrument to start off with. That might come later, after she has developed her talent in a way that you see she truly deserves a fine instrument. Meanwhile, check pawn shops and resale shops. 

Another idea is to rent a guitar. Many instrument rental businesses will even have a rent-to-own plan. Find out how that works at the place where you might rent your daughter's guitar. Again, is she willing to pay for part of her instrument? Perhaps you are considering giving it to her as a gift. Either way, remind her that she'll need to have a safe place in which to store it.

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