Music Radio Stations To Use For Relaxing

Music comes in all varieties, some of which can be energizing and other of which can be the opposite. If you're looking for a streaming radio station to help you fall asleep, you can go in one of several different directions. You can focus on finding a slow soothing style of music or look for a radio channel focused on a specific soothing instrument, for example.

Here are five types of music radio stations or channels to use for relaxing and falling asleep.

1. Music with a slow beat and connected melody

A connected melody (the technical term is legato) tends to feel more relaxed and soothing than a melody that hops, skips, and jumps here and there. Many styles of music can have songs with a slow beat and legato melody. For instance, some classical works may feature these characteristics, but so may a popular song performed by a famous crooner.

2. Nature sounds albums

While not technically music in the usual sense, nature sounds are often recorded in albums for your listening pleasure. So no matter what streaming service you're using, you can probably find a channel that contains nature sounds.

Crickets, waterfalls, birdsong, rain, and ocean waves are just a few of the nature sounds that you may find on these albums. Since nature tends to have a relaxing effect on your brain, simply listening to these sounds and imagining being out in nature may help you get into a more relaxed state so you can drop off to sleep more easily.

3. New age music 

The new age ambient music often used at spas is used for a reason. It actually helps you relax, which is, of course, important at a spa. Whether you want to feel like you're at a spa when you go to bed or whether you just want your body to relax, choosing to stream a radio station with this type of music can be very beneficial.

4. Predictable, gentle Baroque music

When you're drifting off to sleep, the last thing you want is a dramatic change in volume. Music styles that have very little dynamic variation can help you to avoid startling awake at a loud climactic musical moment.

Music from the Baroque period of history can have less dynamic variation compared to music of later periods. The terraced dynamics of the time meant that an entire section would be played at one dynamic, then another section at a contrasting dynamic. In addition, each piece tended to stick with one mood, rather than swinging abruptly between moods.

Baroque melodies also tend to be flowing and predictable, which can have a very relaxing effect on some people. So look for a light Baroque style music radio station and see if it helps you sleep.

5. Specific instruments that help you relax

Some instruments naturally have a more relaxing tone (also called timbre) than others. For instance, you may find that brass instruments make you feel more awake, while flutes and harp music has a more soothing effect.

The degree of relaxation you experience from the instrument's tone could vary somewhat from person to person, but scientific studies have also discovered that some instruments, such as Celtic flutes, have an objectively relaxing effect on people in general. So choosing a music radio station with wood flutes or another instrument whose timbre relaxes you can be worth a try.

These five types of music can give you a wide range of potentially relaxing music radio stations or channels to try. Check your online music radio streaming service for music that fits into any of these categories, then try several different ones and see what works best for you.