Clean Country: Ideas For Great Songs

Country music has long been a treasured staple of the music industry. With its ability to speak directly to their listeners in an intimate way through touching lyrics and heartfelt themes, country music can have the ability to uplift, support and bring peace to those who listen. With an emphasis on relating to their listeners, songwriters with a focus on clean country can pull from their own experiences to not only share their values but also the lessons they have learned along the way. Here are a few ideas for songwriters that will result in good, clean country music for their listeners to enjoy. 

Writing about values is one of the best ways a songwriter can express what means most to them to those listening. A song about values tells those listening what the songwriter holds dear to their heart and how those same values may be shared with others experiencing the same circumstances. A song about a military father coming home from deployment, for instance, will touch the hearts of many who have loved ones currently serving overseas and value togetherness. On the other hand, a song written about parents watching their children grow will pull the heartstrings of those who hold family near and dear to them. 

Lessons learned throughout one's lifetime are another excellent topic for country songwriters. An excellent way to incorporate a learned lesson into any song is to share a past experience in which the songwriter grew as a person or overcame their challenges. Writing about how the songwriter coped after the loss of a close relative, for instance, would be a situation that many find themselves in and can relate to on a personal level. When writing a song regarding a learned lesson, examples should be shared to instill in those listening how they were able to overcome their obstacles. Themes such as hope, healing, and support all incorporate very well in a song of this nature. 

Through their words, country music songwriters can bring others together by sharing what they hold dear to them and the experiences they have lived through. After all, the songs that speak the most to others are often through situations that those listening can relate to. Whether waiting for a loved one to return from their tour of duty to celebrating the growth of one's child, support, commonality, and inspiration can all be found through a proper and clean country music song. 

Talk to a clean country music songwriter for more ideas.