How To Make Your Best Possible Recording In The Studio

Getting a great recording depends on the preparation that you do before going into the studio. At its essence, recording is as much of a performance as playing live. You wouldn't play live for others without preparing, would you? 

Plus, unlike playing live, you are personally paying for literally every minute that you spend inside that studio. The more "takes" that it requires to get what you want, the more draining on your resources it will be.

Most of the time, the financial and artistic success of your recording venture is determined in the weeks, days, and hours leading up to the actual session itself. So, book that studio day well in advance and use the following advice to create your own plan to be prepared.

Tighten Up

If you've taken a music appreciation course in college, then you know that one of the things listeners like most is a steady, metric beat. To get that in most recordings, click tracks that provide a steady beat through your studio headset are often utilized.

However, if you're not used to playing with the click, then performing with one can be anxiety-inducing. So, you need to practice performing with either a click track or a metronome. This will tighten up your sound and make your music more appealing.

Obviously, being comfortable playing with the click is not something that happens overnight. Therefore, you need to start preparing, all the material that you want to record with the click, weeks in advance.

Experiment with Recording Yourself 

Even if you only have the microphone on your phone, in the days leading up to your studio session, record yourself performing. Make sure to take notes about the characteristics, like room shape and natural reverb qualities, of the room in which you're recording. Also, note how far the microphone is from your mouth, instrument, or amp.

If you get a recording that you like, the information mentioned above will be valuable to the sound engineers who are recording you. It helps them to create the conditions that will optimize the sound quality of your performance.

Forget to Pack the Drinks and Snacks

Thirst or hunger pangs can impact the quality of your recordings. To get the best results you need to be as comfortable as you can be. 

Don't plan on studios having refreshments. And, of course, you don't wanna have to run out when you're paying for the time. Pack up some goodies right before you leave.

For more information on song recording sessions, reach out to recording studios near you.