3 Ways Hip Hop Gospel Music Can Help Your Teen Become a Better Christian

The teen years are often marked with rebellion, personal discovery, and a strong desire to fit in with the "in" crowd.

Christian parents can struggle to find ways to help their teens develop a sense of identity while still remaining close to the Lord. Fortunately, hip hop gospel music for children and adults can serve as a lifeline for teens in troubling times.

Here are three ways that introducing your teen to hip hop gospel music can help them become a better Christian over time.

1. It's Music They Will Want to Listen To

In order for gospel music to touch the souls of Christian people, these people must be willing to listen. Trying to get a teen to listen to worship music can be a tough task. However, hip hop is one of the most popular music genres among today's teens.

By introducing your teen to gospel hip hop, you are providing them with gospel messages in a format that they will actually want to listen to. When you don't have to fight to get your teen to like something, they will be more willing to take the time to listen on their own time.

Gospel hip hop can open the door to more serious conversations about being a good Christian in modern times.

2. It Contains Important Religious Messages

Gospel hip hop strives to convey vital religious messages in a format that young people find appealing. Mixed in with the bass and strong beat of the music are messages about Christian living.

The artists responsible for creating gospel hip hop use the life of Jesus and his apostles as the basis of their lyrics. These artists will often share their own personal testimonies within their music, which gives your teen another witness of the power of gospel principles.

3. It Provides an Alternative to Violent Music

Mainstream hip hop music often contains violent and highly sexualized lyrics. For Christian parents, these are not the messages teens should be receiving. Gospel hip hop gives your teen an appealing alternative to today's violent music.

Your teen can still enjoy the tone and style of hip hop music, but without being exposed to lyrics that promote sinful behavior.

Teens are usually excited to have a source of hip hop music that parents approve of, and parents are excited to allow teens to consume gospel hip hop at any time within the home.