Clean Country: Ideas For Great Songs

Country music has long been a treasured staple of the music industry. With its ability to speak directly to their listeners in an intimate way through touching lyrics and heartfelt themes, country music can have the ability to uplift, support and bring peace to those who listen. With an emphasis on relating to their listeners, songwriters with a focus on clean country can pull from their own experiences to not only share their values but also the lessons they have learned along the way.

Piano String Basics And How They Affect Piano Tuning

Piano tuning may sometimes include maintenance for the piano's mechanism (such as worn hammers and felt pads), but it mainly involves the piano's strings. The strings are the part of the instrument that controls the pitch of each note, so the strings are the parts that need to be adjusted to ensure notes are in tune. Here are some of the basics of how strings work and what that means for piano tuning.