It's Not Too Late To Organize A Pop-Up Opera Road Show Event For Your Club Or Organization

Maybe you already know about the popular traveling roadshows that were especially popular in years gone by. If you do, you know those were fun for both those who watched the roadshows and for the participants. Maybe somebody in your club or your organization has suggested that you bring the tradition back before the holidays are totally over. Except, for this event, maybe your group has decided to plan a holiday pop-up opera.

3 Tips To Keep Your Personal Vintage Guitar Collection In Great Shape

From solid-body classical guitars to electric-acoustic varieties made popular by the best bands in history, it can be fun, interesting, and expensive to create your own personal vintage guitar collection. However, after you round up all of the models you love the most, you might be wondering how to keep those instruments pristine. Here are three tips to keep your personal vintage guitar collection in great shape.    1.    Protect Your Equipment  The most important task involved with protecting your guitar collection is to carefully monitor their storage location.

Piano Lessons For Experienced And Aspiring Musicians

Some of the people who start playing the piano become professionals. Other people will play the piano in their spare time, or perform for their friends and family members. Individuals who take piano lessons might develop a passion for music in general. Other musicians might eventually decide to learn the piano in order to create more opportunities for themselves.  Singers and Musicians Who Play Multiple Instruments Will Often Have Piano Skills

Does Your Daughter Want To Play The Acoustic Guitar?

Has your daughter been begging for acoustic guitar lessons? Maybe her current boyfriend is in a band and she wants to be part of the fun. Or, maybe she attended a concert and she realized that the drummer seemed to be having the most fun of all of the players on the stage. Whatever reason that your daughter is interested in playing the acoustic guitar, from arranging for lessons to buying her own guitar, here are some ideas that might help.

What to Look for in a Vintage Guitar

You love to play music and prefer to use classic, vintage instruments for your personal or professional music-playing performance. There's something about the design and architecture of older guitars, like a vintage 1956 Gretsch Rancher guitar, that makes your music crisper. You also like to collect classic instruments for your own personal collection. Finding older instruments that are in great condition and still playable without needing a lot of repairs can be hard.