3 Events That Would Be Even Better With A Live Singer

Live events are becoming increasingly popular as venues continue to host concerts, parties, and other gatherings. While the live atmosphere is unique and exciting, it wouldn't be complete without a musician or singer to bring life to the event. Whether you're looking for a musician for your wedding reception or live music during an awards show, a live singer can add energy and a special touch to any event. Read on to explore a few types of live events that could use a live singer.

3 Ways Hip Hop Gospel Music Can Help Your Teen Become a Better Christian

The teen years are often marked with rebellion, personal discovery, and a strong desire to fit in with the "in" crowd. Christian parents can struggle to find ways to help their teens develop a sense of identity while still remaining close to the Lord. Fortunately, hip hop gospel music for children and adults can serve as a lifeline for teens in troubling times. Here are three ways that introducing your teen to hip hop gospel music can help them become a better Christian over time.

How To Make Your Best Possible Recording In The Studio

Getting a great recording depends on the preparation that you do before going into the studio. At its essence, recording is as much of a performance as playing live. You wouldn't play live for others without preparing, would you?  Plus, unlike playing live, you are personally paying for literally every minute that you spend inside that studio. The more "takes" that it requires to get what you want, the more draining on your resources it will be.

Frustration and Inattention: What to Do About Them During Your First 3 Months of Piano Lessons

The first 3 months or so of piano lessons often prove crucial in determining if you'll have long-term success with the instrument. During this time period, you begin developing all of the fundamental playing motions and musical skills that will serve throughout a lifetime of playing. Frustration and Inattention create unrealistic expectations of what you should be able to accomplish during the early months of piano playing. Left unchecked, these two issues can derail you from finding the joy in playing the piano.

Love Music? Why You Need A Streaming Service

Listening to music has a way of quieting the mind and soothing the soul. Some people consider music to be the soundtrack of their lives and wouldn't dream of going even a single day without turning on the radio and jamming it out to their favorite tunes. Whether it's flipping on the radio so you can have a constant companion during your daily commute, or turning up the melodies while cleaning the house, music definitely makes the time fly.