3 Tips To Keep Your Personal Vintage Guitar Collection In Great Shape

From solid-body classical guitars to electric-acoustic varieties made popular by the best bands in history, it can be fun, interesting, and expensive to create your own personal vintage guitar collection. However, after you round up all of the models you love the most, you might be wondering how to keep those instruments pristine. Here are three tips to keep your personal vintage guitar collection in great shape.    1.    Protect Your Equipment  The most important task involved with protecting your guitar collection is to carefully monitor their storage location.

Piano Lessons For Experienced And Aspiring Musicians

Some of the people who start playing the piano become professionals. Other people will play the piano in their spare time, or perform for their friends and family members. Individuals who take piano lessons might develop a passion for music in general. Other musicians might eventually decide to learn the piano in order to create more opportunities for themselves.  Singers and Musicians Who Play Multiple Instruments Will Often Have Piano Skills

Does Your Daughter Want To Play The Acoustic Guitar?

Has your daughter been begging for acoustic guitar lessons? Maybe her current boyfriend is in a band and she wants to be part of the fun. Or, maybe she attended a concert and she realized that the drummer seemed to be having the most fun of all of the players on the stage. Whatever reason that your daughter is interested in playing the acoustic guitar, from arranging for lessons to buying her own guitar, here are some ideas that might help.

What to Look for in a Vintage Guitar

You love to play music and prefer to use classic, vintage instruments for your personal or professional music-playing performance. There's something about the design and architecture of older guitars, like a vintage 1956 Gretsch Rancher guitar, that makes your music crisper. You also like to collect classic instruments for your own personal collection. Finding older instruments that are in great condition and still playable without needing a lot of repairs can be hard.

4 Tips To Make Your Reed Last Longer Through Balancing

Balancing a reed is the delicate art of shaving down a reed to better fit your mouthpiece and your specific embrasure in order to get the tone and articulation that you desire. Learning how to balance a reed can take some time, but once you get it down, it is a quick process that can extend the life of your reeds and help you produce a better sound. Below are a few tips to consider if you are trying to decide whether to balance a reed or get rid of it.

Three Thoughtful Ways To Help A Family Member Who Has Lost A Pet

When a friend or family member has lost a beloved pet, you may not be sure how to make them feel better. Nothing you say can bring the pet back, and, sometimes, you may make matters worse with your words, even though you mean well. Here are three thoughtful ways to help your loved one deal with the grief of losing their pet. Give them the gift of music. Music has the ability to alter moods.

How Music Publishing Companies Are Valuable To An Artist's Future

Most singers are concerned with securing their first recording deal with a major record label. On the other hand, singers should also see the importance in forming or obtaining a full service music publishing company, like Lyric House Publishing. It is important to understand that record labels and publishing companies do entirely different jobs for an artist. A music publisher makes sure songwriters are compensated when their music is used commercially.

3 Tips For Memorizing LDS Sheet Music

Part of learning to play the piano is memorizing the music. Memorizing LDS hymns is not only a way to ensure that you are always ready to play, but it can help to strengthen your faith. Whenever a test or challenge presents itself, you can call on your memory to provide you with the words to weather the storm. If memorizing music is tricky for you, here are some tips to make it easier.

Learn From Great Interviews With Rappers And Hip Hop Artists

Interviews with famous people reveal a pathway to learning what is necessary to achieve success in life. Famous people rarely get where they are in life due to luck. Interviews with hip hop artists do not just cover upcoming tours or single releases. The interviews discuss the hard work and commitment necessary to climb to the top of the entertainment ladder. Such tales provide excellent insight, advice, and motivation that can be applied to other careers.

5 Celebs Who Made Cameos In Michael Jackson Music Videos

Michael Jackson loved to have celebrities make cameos in his music videos, or short films as he sometimes referred to them. Because of his power, prestige, and charisma, Jackson was able to wrangle some of Hollywood's biggest stars to perform in his videos. Here is a list of 5 stars to have taken part. Joe Peschi When Michael set out to film the music videos for his album Bad, he made a unique decision.

To Tip Or Not To Tip? How To Proceed When Getting Your Piano Tuned

While your aptitude as a player and your budget partly influence how frequently you should get your piano tuned by a professional, the conventional norm is about two to four times per year. Four times annually is ideal, given how changes in the temperature and humidity can affect the instrument, but the average player can typically opt to have the instrument tuned twice annually. If you find yourself anxiously wondering whether you should tip the piano tuner when the job is complete, you're not alone.

Musical Instruments That Are Ideal For Beginners

Playing a musical instrument is something that appeals to people of all ages. No matter what your musical background may be, your love for music might be inherent. If you are looking to find a musical instrument that you can purchase at a local music store and master, you might have more options available than you realize. Some instruments may look intimidating, but they are designed for beginners. Violin This is an instrument that requires skill, but it is easy to pick up on the intricate details involved in playing this instrument.

Be Smart When You Prepare For Your Next Music Festival

The parents of the current generation probably know a thing or two about enjoying an outdoor music festival, and they've also probably learned some hard lessons in the process. So learn from their mistakes! If you're planning a trip to any major music event, especially one that's planned for several days at an outdoor venue like EDM music festivals, there are some things you simply can't afford to forget. Planning ahead will not only ensure that you get home safe, but with fewer worries on your mind you'll have a much better experience.